Real vs Fake Calvin Klein jeans. How to spot fake Calvin Klein

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Not only are counterfeit products giving customers a raw deal with poor quality inferior product, they infringe on the intellectual property of Calvin Klein, fake goods have also been linked to organised crime, people trafficking and child labour.

How to spot sellers of fake products;

They are selling alot of Calvin Klein products at over 50% off RRP when these are still mainline products or vastly cheaper than reputable discount online stores.
They often sell only one or very few of the wide range of Calvin Klein products available.
The registered business address on eBay does not exist, and or the telephone number given does not connect.
The sizing of products does not meet with the standard product sizing of Calvin Klein products.
The colour schemes offered by the sellers are not available from legitimate sellers or on the CKU website.

How to spot fake products;

Calvin Klein One items come in a new style white corrugated box with high quality print and imagery on both front and a small item on reverse.


The product often may looks similar, however comparison can easily show which is fake. Fake products are often incorrectly sized, especially in the gusset and the fly. The stitching will also not be to the same standard, stitching should be tight, and the finishes should be professional. There should be no overlap of fabric at the waistband. There should also be three labels inside all 365 underwear items. On the reverse of one of these labels should be product code which should correspond with the packaging and all product labels and barcodes. Tagless products should have no label and be printed on to the rear of the garment, it should still have a distributors label.

The waistband text may be distorted from the genuine item, the ‘e’ of Klein is often always incorrect on fakes, it should be a semi-circle. The waistband may also vary in size from the genuine item.

Original Jeans Calvin Klein have a label inside that shows the logo of the company, followed by the Jeans text. Inspect carefully the letter e , also carefully check the size, print quality, distance and logo font. The secondary label shows us the measure of jeans . If these 2 labels do not exist, then you are confronted with a fake. Inspect the stitches, they should be straight, clean.

2. Authentic jeans Calvin Klein have a label (detachable) showing: serial number , size of the jeans. The detachable label shows the text: Calvin Klein Jeans, carefully inspect the letter K. The safety feature is the hologram showing the Calvin Klein Jeans white text. If this hologram does not exist, then you are confronted with a fake.

3. Original Jeans Calvin Klein has three labels (fixed-right inside): The smallest label must show serial number and must be the same as the serial number on the label (detachable) if this serial number does not match you are confronted with a fake.

4. Carefully inspect the stitch and Calvin Klein Jeans, in the leather rectangle.

5. Original Calvin Klein jeans have a rectangle made of solid metal, showing the initials CK. Carefully inspect the size, engraving quality, also check letter K.

6. The original buttons have the CK initials. Inspect carefully the buttons, they must be clean, no marks of scuffing, also check letter K.

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